Welcome to Ashikaga International Association!

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Welcome to Ashikaga International Association!


Each of you plays a vital role in international exchange .

Ashikaga International Association was established in 1992 and international exchanges are being supported and operated by the free cooperation and commitment of the members of the association.

Please feel free to join the international exchanges any time anywhere!

We support you with intimacy as a reliable international association/


We recruits members regularly.Please join us and enjoy the activities with us.

▶Annual Fee
Individual Membership \3,000
Family Membership \5,000
Student Membership \1,000
Corporate Membership \10,000



・You can deposit the membership fee into our account at the main and branch banks of Ashikaga Bank and Ashikaga Credit Union Bank in Ashikaga city.Please ask us for the form to deposit the annual fee into the bank account.


・You can directly make your payment to the office of Ashikaga International Association at Shogai Gakushu Center.


Free Consultation for Foreigners about Visa Status

Free Consultation for Foreigners about Visa Status 


Counselor:Member of Administrative Scrivener Society Ashikaga Tochigi

Place for Consultation:Ashikaga International Association Office

                                    Ashikaga Shogai Gakushu Center 2F

Date and Time:Every 2nd Wednesdays of the month 13:00~16:00


*Consultation is also available for Japanese.

Japanese Class for Non-Japanese

AIA offers five Japanese classes every week.

500yen per month(2,500yen for textbook) 


Please contact us.


 Morning Class

Nihongo Waiwai Nihongo Yokoso

Every Wednesday


Shimin Plaza

Every Thursday


Shogai Gakushu Center


Night Class

Nihongo Wakuwaku Nihongo Konbanwa

Every Tuesday


Shogai Gakushu Center

Every Wednesday


Shimin Plaza

Nihongo-kyoshitsu Nakayoshi

1st,2nd,3rd Friday


Shimin Plaza



Civil Life Guide 2021

  Civil Life Guide Book 2021


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